Life of introverts and shy people is usually very rich. Moreover, it applies not only to communication in real life. Sometimes these people have problems with online communication. One reason is their fears. How to overcome them?

More train

By training is meant communication. The more it will be, the greater are the chances to get rid of the signs of fear, such as constraint, panic, anxiety. For example, every day you can write to a new person. Probably, not all potential interlocutors will answer you, but this is not the question. This approach will teach you to relate more easily to the communication process and to the reactions of people in the Internet. Over time, you will not pay attention to fear and insecurity during your communication.

Be anonymous

This way is one of the most neutral. Rather, it looks like avoiding a problem. However, it is used by many people. Office clerks become critics of large businessmen and so on.

This person can be anyone. It is enough for him to come up with a believable legend. Anyway, no one will check anything. And even if something did not work out in your life, for example, with work, in your personal life or with health, then the Internet will definitely help you. To get started, come up with a name for yourself, find your/someone else’s attractive photo, it is not necessary to enter information about yourself. Now you have the opportunity to get acquainted with any person you are interested in.

Use special area

In search of the most convenient resource for communication, introverts are often sent to sites that do not require confirmation of identity and entering information about themselves. Some of these sites are Omegle and Chatroulette. The principle of both resources is the same. Users find a random interlocutor without entering any personal data. Chatroulette has become more widespread throughout the world. Omegle is not so popular. Both sites appeared about 10 years ago. They have a simple design – on the right is a text chat, on the left are two windows for a video. In Omegle, you can choose the country of the interlocutor, the developer also organized an unmoderated area on the resource, where users are allowed to access from 18 years old.


Fear of online communication is characteristic of introverts, as well as shy and modest people. Communication helps to overcome it, but this is not suitable for everyone, because some, after such experiments, on the contrary, become isolated. A less aggressive way is the use of chats, where people communicate anonymously. Omegle and Chatroulette are some of the options that are freely available. On the resources, communication is made in both a text and a video chat.