Every person needs communication. Your ability to communicate depends on your success at work and in society. Sociable person will be able to quickly reach a certain position in society and become successful.

In communication, the ability to find an approach to another person is important, especially if that person is not disposed to communication. In this case, the recommendation is simple. If you want to improve communication skills, you have to practice communicating with different people more often. If you are able to attract and interest your interlocutor, then you are guaranteed success in communication.

For successful communication with a stranger or unfamiliar person, it is important to learn to recognize your interlocutor’s interest in communicating with you, as well as demonstrate your own interest in these relationships.

As an indicator that can demonstrate the location of your interlocutor to your relationship, there may be body language. This language cannot deceive, because the movements of our body are most often uncontrollable.

Gestures that show interest

Most often, an interested person behaves more carefully and demonstrates his disposition in each conversation. He tries to ask clarifying questions, trying to sincerely understand the essence of the issue.

How to recognize the interest of your interlocutor in communication:

· The interested interlocutor will not unnecessarily gesticulate;

· A person who is passionate about communicating with you will not make too much noise and will fully focus on you;

· Your interlocutor who you are really interested in will constantly be in eye contact with you;

· Another sign of interest and disposition of your interlocutor to communicate with you may be slightly raised eyebrows and dilated attentive eyes;

· An interested interlocutor instinctively strives to approach the source of information with his whole body, therefore the body of your communication partner, leaning in your direction, is also a certain indicator of interest.

Signs of lack of interest

By certain signs, you can also understand that you are not interested in your interlocutor. The main thing is to carefully note some features of the interlocutor’s behavior.

By such signs, one can recognize the degree of interest or its absence:

· The less activity your interlocutor shows, the more he is interested in communicating with you. If he often looks around, often looks at the phone or makes many movements with his hands, then he is not interested with you;

· Another indicator of a lack of interest in communication is the gaze directed towards the doors or the position of the legs directed towards the doors;

· The degree of interest of the interlocutor can be influenced by internal problems that people actively think about. You can understand it by the position of the hands of your interlocutor. If he often rubs his temples or props his forehead with his hands, and his eyes are not focused, then this indicates an active thought process.