Chat-roulette became popular immediately after the occurrence. Users liked the unpredictability of meetings with interlocutors and the way of random selection of a partner so much that millions began to communicate in the chat in search of new acquaintances and entertainments. For visitors to the site – this is an exciting game, without any complicated rules. Although some limitations and difficulties are worth knowing.

Age qualification

Anyone wishing to enter Chatroulette must be at least 18 years old. Otherwise, visiting the site is prohibited.


In order to fully use all the services of the service, the personal computer must comply with the technical parameters stated on the site. The user is advised to have a separate or integrated microphone and a webcam. If there are no accessories, then you can only communicate in the chat, without video and sound.


Previously, this was not a mandatory requirement, but now, in connection with the frequent violations of chat rules, you should create an account. The input data is standard: name, password, email.


Immediately after registration, it will become possible to test the equipment on a computer. Attention! Access to the use of video and audio equipment by the site may be requested here. If the decision to participate in a fun action is firm – you can safely give permission.


The program interface is quite simple: a couple of buttons. To start, click “Start”. The camera and microphone will turn on automatically. If a random stranger does not like it at first sight – it is easy to skip it with the “Next” button. If the person on the other side of the monitor violates the rules of the service, you should complain about it with the “Report and next” button. If many interlocutors of this person give this command, his account will be blocked. This is done if the interlocutor:

· Advertises or sells goods;

· Demonstrates a naked body, behaves vulgarly;

· Offends a chat partner;

· Broadcasts not your image, but foreign objects, the screen of your phone, tablet, TV;

· Tries to deceive a companion.

General recommendations:

· Protect your personal data. Participation is anonymous. Do not become victims of scammers, remove from the background the room, everything that can tell something personal about the user. Hide tattoos that people can recognize.

· For pleasant communication, tidy up the room and try to look neat. Try to establish a friendly relationship with a stranger.

· Joke! It is always fun in a chat-roulette.

· The site can be used with great benefit for yourself. Try to practice the language or learn more about a foreign culture directly from its native speaker.

Do not be upset if you meet an unpleasant person. Millions of people are on the service, and most of them are adequate.