If you are fluent in a foreign language, then you can easily communicate in chat-roulettes. However, when meeting online, certain rules must be followed. We are not talking about “enemies and spies” around, but the anonymity and free profile contributes to various kinds of fraud.


During online meetings with strangers, you do should not reveal any personal information, real addresses and send your intimate photos. The same applies to the discussion of personal status, whether it is about health or your salary.


Nevertheless, goodwill will not be superfluous at all when communicating in online chats with foreigners. Chatting online with friends is a good way to break all stereotypes. When talking, first of all, be polite and behave correctly. Foreigners are not to blame for the poor knowledge of our country. Do not use too many emoticons in correspondence. Better try to convey your emotional response with appropriate words.


Conversations on general topics are best concretized, as it will be easier for you to establish contact. It is better to talk about weather, art, humor, and politics. This easy communication will help strengthen ties with foreigners. However, it is not always worth immediately showing your attitude to a particular topic of conversation. Show interest in the interlocutor’s worldview, find out his preferences, and provide an opportunity to tell about yourself. The more complete the picture of the interlocutor, the easier it will be to build a dialogue.

Avoid controversial issues

Some people like to use quotes from Russian films. This should be done with caution. You may lose a trusting relationship with an interesting person. Even when using the most advanced translator, the probability of the correct context in the translation is quite small.

It is widely believed that chats for communication and meeting with foreigners are chosen by those who cannot find someone in real life. Indeed, inadequate people can be found on such sites, but most users still register there to communicate with interesting people. Everyone today does not have enough time to find a soulmate, so chat-roulette is a good choice for those who want communication and relationships.