Men, like women, have their own fears, complexes, and self-doubt. When it comes to dating and relationships, guys are becoming shy. And the girls, in turn, begin to look for flaws in themselves and think: “Maybe I’m not good enough for him?”

Several reasons why a man may doubt whether to invite you on a date or not:

He thinks he is not good enough for you

Guys doubt, this is not surprising. Everyone has their own fears and experiences; he is simply not confident. Many men are captivated by stereotypes about what a man need to achieve. Therefore, many good guys behave constrained and uncertain. The girl, in order to reassure the guy, must make it clear to him that everything is fine, and she just likes him.

He wants the girl to take the initiative first

Most likely he wants to invite you on a date, but at the same time the guy is very modest. He probably does not know how to do it right, maybe he was never given the opportunity to invite the girl for a walk.

If he really likes you, you should take the initiative first. So you can make him confident.

He does not know how to communicate

Many men begin to worry, get lost, and stutter when they are having a conversation with a beautiful girl. Most of all the guys think about the first phrase, thinking that it depends on your further communication.

To communicate smoothly, you should show him that everything is fine, you can meet him with a friendly smile and not pay attention to his excitement, because nothing terrible happened. Most importantly, you should give him some time to overcome his awkwardness.

He is not sure if you like him

Guys do not know whether they can take the next step in a relationship, because they are not sure if she feels the same thing.

No one will take the next step until he is confident in his partner. All the girl can do is send approving signals to her chosen one. To show interest in the guy first is normal. So he will be able to understand whether you need this relationship, or you consider him as a friend.

He is too shy

Uncertainty, fear can be caused by excessive constraint of a guy. Sometimes, seeing a person, it is difficult to say that he is shy. Perhaps he has a bright appearance, a good job position, but at the same time he may be shy to say that he actually feels. In addition, he will try to get to know the girl better.

If a guy makes compliments, finds topics for conversation easily, is interested in the girl’s life, then it is worth taking the first step. She can hint at a date or say it directly.