The age difference between partners is an average of 3-5 years. But nowadays it is not possible to surprise society with couples with a greater age difference. Because harmonious relations are fundamental, how people feel in them and how well they understand their partner. But how does age affect relationships?

The effect of age differences on the quality of relationships

If the difference is small it is not felt. People will be able to live in harmony and build healthy relationships, and then bring up children.

Speaking about the difference in 6-9 years – the difference is felt, but it is not as big as it might seem at first glance. It is more difficult for people to build life, because at this stage everyone is faced with different life positions, the upbringing of parents of other generations.

When the age difference between partners is more than 10 years, then we are talking about two different generations. If a man is older than a woman, then he chooses a young girl to show to his friends, satisfy his needs or raise a wife for himself. There are few or almost no common interests.

The disadvantages and advantages of relationships of people of different ages

Problems begin with the children and end with domestic issues. They have different views on life due to the upbringing of different generations of people. Therefore, conflict situations may arise. But, on the other hand, an older person will become a kind of teacher and mentor who will share the knowledge gained.

Another disadvantage is the loss of attractiveness over time. The most acute problem is for couples where the woman is older. This becomes a cause of betrayal, frustration and breakup. If a girl is younger, then such problems are no exception. But often a more experienced man becomes a reliable support for a woman. He helps find her way in life, supports her in difficult times and solves any problems due to greater experience.

It is believed that unequal marriage is doomed to divorce. But in life there are many situations proving the opposite. In such relationships, one of the partners will be forced to give in and learn more, and the other will be interested in hobbies and try to understand the young partner.

Despite the statistics, any relationship is individual. With a person who does not suit you, a conflict arises at the stage of dating, in the head. Over time, this topic develops and leads to big problems. And even age cannot cause separation.