To attract a girl in a chat, you need to learn how to manage communication. It is important to find a topic for conversation in order to arrange it for further actions. But guys think it is hard to do. Actually no, it is important to know a few basic rules. Just talk about them.

Make the conversation correctly

Do not ask the trivial questions. Ask about anything interesting that does not concern her family, study or work. Find out, for example, about your favorite city, where she would like to go or her favorite dish. If this seems commonplace, tell some funny, interesting story from your life.

And even after your own story, ask if she has any funny, interesting stories. This will make it clear that you are interested in a person’s life and intend to get to know her better. But on the first day of dating, try to avoid personal topics. Over time, getting used to each other, she will tell what you want to know.

Remind information about yourself from time to time

Send a funny picture or share news that you can discuss. This will allow you to show the girl that she is not indifferent to you. But do not confuse attention with obsession. Do not send too many private messages. This can cause anger or scare.

You should also not disappear for a long time. To manage communication with a partner from a distance, try to constantly keep in touch. Do not forget about yourself, talk about your affairs, but without going deep. Share everyday things, but do not overload her. After that, the girl will begin to show interest, not being afraid to be rejected and annoying, following your example.

Reply to messages

If you do everything right, then the result will not be long in coming. Answers to sent messages will come very quickly. Try not to be silent, respond quickly and interestingly so that the conversation does not end.

Also note whether the girl is laughing at any of your answers or messages. This is also a good sign. Emoticons, stickers or other signs are considered. If possible, try to answer them.

Do not try to flirt constantly

The big mistake is constant flirting. If you do this, try not to overdo it and say nice things about the situation. Try to take an interest in her daily affairs, well-being. This will show that you are worried about the interlocutor.

Also give advice only if she asks. And try to praise her for her success. Sometimes girls need more care than compliments. But you can combine business with pleasure. For example, a girl says that she does not succeed with her studies. Answer that temporary problems happen to everyone, but she is well done and will cope with it, because she is not only beautiful, but also smart.

Performing all of the above items, you can easily manage communication. The main thing is to make the conversation correctly. After that, the girl will begin to reciprocate, following your example.

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