Chatting with strangers is exciting and enjoyable, but do not forget about the rules of decency and basic safety precautions. We will tell you what you should not ask people with whom you communicate only the first day, and how to make the dialogue friendly and enjoyable for two participants.

Earnings and income

If a person says that he has his own business or works in a prestigious company, holds a management position, do not ask the size of the salary or profit from the business. This is indecent, moreover, it can raise suspicion (such information is often tried to find out by scammers or ladies who want to have a sponsor). If you still want to have a rough idea of ‚Äč‚Äčincome, it is better to be sincerely interested in work, peculiarities of activity – most likely, the person will tell you what exactly he does.

The property

The question of owning or renting an apartment is also perplexing. Often, real estate is hunted by criminals or just people who want to live at the expense of another person. That is why it is recommended to leave the question of housing at a later time, when you are well acquainted.

Sexual orientation

The chat has a function to search for girls and men, some chats are designed specifically for people with non-traditional sexual orientation. It is indecent to ask about sexual preferences directly and can be embarrassing. You should wait until the person himself tells whom he prefers (many people keep this secret in order to avoid publicity and loss of their reputation in our not too tolerant society).

Features of previous relationships

Many people find it difficult to talk about bad experiences or conflict situations from past romantic relationships, especially if they broke up badly, with quarrels and division of property. Do not ask the other person about his or her previous romantic relationships. When a person is ready, he will do it – for a stranger it will be problematic and inappropriate.

Features of appearance

An unusual birthmark or visible scar, skin blemishes or unusual facial features should not be a topic of discussion. If the person is ready, he himself will tell you about the origin of specific traits. If he does not want to talk about it, it will be inappropriate to ask even after a few months – many people are very sensitive to discussions about their appearance.

Political preferences

It is better not to discuss politics with a stranger, because heated discussions can lead to quarrels and even mutual insults if your views are fundamentally different. It is better to discuss more peaceful and neutral topics, talk about the surrounding events without harsh assessments, discuss cultural traditions and customs.

Thus, there are a number of questions that are best not to ask strangers in a chat. As the close relationship develops, you can discuss more personal topics that will allow you to get to know the person better.