The Internet has become a place where millions of people spend their time. There are a lot of various possibilities for self-realization and the almost complete lack of restrictions in the Internet.

Different forms of communication services in the social networks are more popular than other services. They are various video chats, especially chat-roulettes.

The principle of the chat-roulette is similar to roulette. In the case of the chat-roulette, instead of random number you get a random interlocutor by pressing the ‘Start’ button on the site. If you do not like the person that the system has selected to you, press the button again and choose the next one.

What is Chatroulette?

Chatroulette is a popular video chat service with strangers. Andrei Ternovsky created the site in 2009. Eventually he moved to America. Thanks to one of the American TV shows this service has become very popular and attracted the attention of people from all over the world. Nowadays, the number of the users ranges from hundreds of thousands to a million visitors.

Today there are a lot of site like

The features of Chatroulette are:

– the site users communicate anonymously;

– you do not have to register on the site;

– you can send text messages;

– it is very easy to connect with a new interlocutor and change him/her.

Some negative facts about Chatroulette:

The online communication service is popular due to lack of restrictions for the users. That is why the site has two main disadvantages:

* sometimes, the users who use this service are rude people and nasty interlocutors;

* according to the statistics, one of the eight connections may contain inappropriate pornographic content.

It is difficult to deal with such phenomena. You should complaint about the behavior of a particular visitor to the site administration. If one user receives three complaints within five minutes, the site administrator will block him for a while.

The chat-roulette service attracts a lot of people for many reasons. One person has no one to talk to, while others are looking for an excitement in communicating with strangers. Chatroulette has something to offer for all of them.