Online communication makes it possible to find new friends, interlocutors, and even soulmate. But not everyone succeeds and fined love in a chat.

There are no special unique rules in Internet communication, communicate as you would in real life. However, a number of mistakes can be identified that will reduce your efforts to nothing:

– It is often hard to find a common topic for communicating with a new person. Therefore, at the initial stage of communication, try to ask more questions than talk about yourself. Watch the other person. If the interlocutor does not answer immediately, then, most likely, this topic is not interesting for him and you should look for another one. Do not be afraid to be extraordinary. Ask extraordinary questions that can only be answered with a detailed answer.

– Insincerity. Sometimes young people have the trait of impersonating a completely different person. It is good, in case you need just flirting and pleasant communication without serious intentions. Otherwise, the truth will come out.

– Do not rush, not knowing the person as it should. Also do not rush the interlocutor to move your relationship to a new level. Not everyone is ready after half an hour of communication, share your contacts or agree to a meeting. Respect someone else’s opinion.

– Be persistent. If the girl says ‘no’, continue the conversation on another topic, but after a while, ask again for contacts. Focus on the fact that you like not only her as a beautiful girl, but as an interlocutor and do not want to lose her. Do not confuse perseverance with obtrusiveness.

– Inability to listen and conduct dialogue. There are several signs that shows you as a bad interlocutor: you are sure in advance that the interlocutor will say, and therefore practically do not listen to him; when the interlocutor speaks, you do not listen to him, but think over your answer; if you misunderstand something, you do not ask a question, but wait for the end of the interlocutor’s phrase to answer as soon as possible; if the arguments of the interlocutor lead you to a dead end, you start being aggressive.

Analyze the main mistakes and if you make them, try to avoid them. At the same time be yourself. People are captivated by sincerity. Be confident and do not take the failure of communication as a personal tragedy.