It is difficult to imagine a modern person without the Internet and various gadgets today. We love the Internet for the freedom and opportunities that it gives us.
Communication in the Internet today is very popular. Why? The answer is not complicated. It is all about the availability and simplicity of such communication.
The chat-roulette is the most interesting service among others, where you communicate with random strangers every day.

What is the chat-roulette?

The chat-roulette is a modern service for online communication with people who are randomly selected by the system. One of the founders of this way of communication is Omegle, which began operating in 2009.

The chat-roulette allows you to communicate with people living in different countries and on other continents, without leaving home. To do this, turn on a camera with a microphone and you will see the face of a stranger and hear his voice. Moreover, most platforms provide the ability to exchange text messages in addition to the video mode.

It is very easy to use the sites:

* do not insult and humiliate the interlocutor, especially on the basis of national and racial characteristics;
* do not show your body and make indecent suggestions on the site, except for specialized services for adults.

If you will not follow the rules of a site, the service may block your access to it.

Positive and negative features of chat roulette

The service of communication with strangers is popular, because it has a lot of advantages. Here are some of them:

– the main advantage of this platform is simplicity. Your smartphone and laptop already have all necessary programs. That is why additional programs and settings are practically not required. Also, most of these services do not even require registration;
– another advantage is anonymity. Most systems do not require your real data. It is important for many people for many reasons;
– the login procedure, the connection with the interlocutor and the change of the communication partner is very quick and effortless;
– most chat-roulettes do not require payment for their services;
– video communication is informative. It allows you to see the emotions of the interlocutors;
– a number of services allow you to use certain filters. This may be the interlocutor’s gender, country, etc. By the way, a good way to practise languages is to communicate with foreigners.

The chat-roulette service has a number of disadvantages:

* there are still nasty and rude users there on the sites. In this case, you should just choose the next interlocutor;
* online video communication cannot completely replace simple human communication in reality.