Dating on chat-roulettes is an ordinary affair that will not surprise anyone today. What about developing relationships?  It is difficult, but possible. In this article we will tell you how to find a guy for a relationship in a chat.

Key recommendations

Random chat leaves few chances to see the interlocutor alive. It is worth recognizing that the probability of switching from online to live communication is much lower than 1%. Most guys enter the chat-roulette to have fun, communicate with someone without obligation; perhaps show some of their talents. If a girl wants to find a guy for relationship in a chat, she should follow some tips:

  1. Intrigue.

From the very beginning of the conversation, the guy should have a desire to communicate with the girl again. A smile and a good greeting are required.

  1. Ask an unusual question.

The question can be confusing, but not ask about intimate or deeply personal topics. For example, ask the question: “What have you done good and bad today?”

  1. Discuss different topics.

A guy should not have the feeling that you came here just to laugh. But you should not be too serious either. You talked about work or study, then discuss a hobby or your favorite series.

  1. Occasionally interrupt the conversation.

Pretend that you were distracted by a call or you have remembered something important, go away for a minute. So you will show that you have things besides a chat-roulette. And the guy will think – maybe he said something wrong? If after a minute the interlocutor has not left the chat window, this is a good sign – he is ready to communicate further.

You can hint at him an exchange of contacts. If the conversation did not lead to any development, move on. Fortunately, there are still millions of interlocutors.

Which girls do guys want to meet?

The first thing the guys pay attention to appearance. Therefore, be neat. But take into consideration that expensive jewelry or luxurious dresses look in the online chat at least strange.

Before entering the chat, think over a list of questions for all occasions. Be an interesting interlocutor. Found common interests? The chance of developing relationships has increased. No communication going on? Do not be imposed. Intrusiveness has never been a catalyst for close meetings.

Most importantly, remember: the probability of developing real relationships through chat-roulettes is very small. They are better used to overcome psychological barriers. Learn guys, gain self-confidence and transfer skills to real life.